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19th July 2024 

If you would like to find out more about counselling you can ring me on 07436 019987 or email me at at

If I am not able to answer your call please do leave a number where I can contact you- I will always check you are able to talk when I ring you back.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I offer an initial meeting for one hour for £20 when we can discuss what you are looking for and decide whether we want to work together. We can decide on a fixed number of meetings or leave this open for you to think about as we progress.

I can send you some more information on counselling and psychotherapy to help you decide whether you think it may help you.

I can also offer counselling in your home if this would be easier for you- we can talk about how this might work.

For more information on counselling visit the bacp website
This is from an Icelandic poem..

The man who stands at a strange threshold,
Should be cautious before he cross it,
Glance this way and that:
Who knows beforehand what foes may sit
Awaiting him in the hall?

Greetings to the host,
The guest has arrived,
In which seat shall he sit?
Rash is he who at unknown doors
Relies on his good luck,

Fire is needed by the newcomer
Whose knees are frozen numb;
Meat and clean linen a man needs
Who has fared across the fells,

Water, too, that he may wash before eating,
Handcloth's and a hearty welcome,
Courteous words, then courteous silence
That he may tell his tale,

This is a bit male-centric, but changing the words would rather spoil the feel!

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