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19th July 2024 
Why is it always about you?         . small mario

How we talk about ourselves seems to be an big factor in what happens in our relationships with others, whether it's the important people in our lives or in our conversations with those we don't know so well. We all recognise that some people seem to talk about themselves rather a lot, and aren't that interested in what others might have to say!

This can sometimes be linked with self esteem and how we really feel about ourselves, and although it seems that a person is very confident and obviously thinks they are great it may be that underneath they are quite insecure and are hoping no one will notice this. Sometimes this insecurity and lack of self worth is so hidden and protected that we manage to hide it even from ourselves. This can make it hard to recognise what is really happening and cause more difficulties with our interactions with others.

These difficulties are often associated with other issues which are called narccisistic, which comes from the myth of Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection.We all have these traits and need them to help us be assertive and survive in the world, but as with anxiety when we become too confident (boastful?) it usually causes us problems.

I have helped many people with issues like this, and also others who find it hard to cope with someone in their life with these issues. Of course counselling does mean it is all about you but it should also be about how you relate to me which helps us look at what happens between you and other people in your life.

Here are some websites with more information about narcissism good for info, not neccesarily a recommendation from me to subscribe..